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Computer Scrapbooking Mailing List!
If you are new to computer scrapbooking, or, if you would just like to communicate with a fun and friendly group of people with the same interest, then we invite you to join the Computer Scrapbooking mailing list.

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On the Computer Scrapbooking list, we discuss all kinds of topics related to using computers for scrapbooking as well as scrapbooking topics in general. It's a great place to share scrapbooking ideas and to also get help for other people, just like you, about the software programs and computer equipment that people use for scrapping!

The Computer Scrapbooking list is maintained by OneList. It's completely free, there are no stings attached, and, you can take yourself off the list at any time. It's also a lot of fun!

Our members run the gauntlet, from people who are just getting started with their computer or with scrapbooking, to people who are old time scrappers or computer gurus. Everyone is welcome and we would love to see you there!

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