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Free clipart especially for computer scrapbooking!
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Pattern Graphics!
Add background patterns to your scrapbook pages and frames with these delightful graphics!

These are seamless patterns you can use with software programs like Photoshop, PaintShopPro, Micrografx Draw, or, any other software that can manipulate textures, tiles, or patterns.

Each set includes 6 high resolution (300 dpi) graphics in JPG format.

Pattern Set 1
Pattern Set 2
Pattern Set 3
Pattern Set 4
Pattern Set 5
Pattern Set 6
Pattern Set 7
Pattern Set 8
Pattern Set 9
Pattern Set 10

Print&Clip™ Graphics
Print&Clip graphics are the computer equivalent of plastic templates you buy at a craft store.

Each Print&Clip graphic is an outline of an object. You can import them into a layout program, scale them to whatever size you like, print them on plain or fancy paper, and then clip them out. They're instant shapes to decorate your scrapbook pages!

Each set includes 6 different graphics.

Birthday Set 1
Birthday Set 2
Wedding Set 1
Wedding Set 2
Wedding Set 3
Outdoors Set 1
Outdoors Set 2
Outdoors Set 3
Outdoors Set 4

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