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Digital Border Trick!

Normally when I'm creating scrapbook pages on the computer, I design my layouts with a 1/2" border on the page. Then after, I've printed the page, I trim the border off and attach it to a complimentary piece of background paper. That's great when I'm printing it, but, if I want to archive a page, e-mail it to someone, or submit it to a contest, I would like to have a colored border on the digital version too instead of just a plain white border.

My solution to this was to create a special 1/2" border that I use in my layouts. I put the border on a separate "layer" in my Micrografx Draw 6 page and set the layer as "non-printing". Then, when I print the page, the border doesn't print. But, if I save the page as a JPG file, the border is saved as a part of the page and I have a nice colored border on my digital pages! It's also a handy way to experiment with different border colors, even if I'm printing the page and adding a paper border later.

If you're using Micrografx Draw, here's a copy of a Draw 6 file I created that you can download. It has some basic layers already set up including a non-printing layer with the special border. When you open the file in Micrografx Draw, you'll see the layer tabs at the bottom of the page. You can use this page as a starting point for making your own scrapbook pages, or, you can add a special non-printing layer to your own pages and copy the digital border graphic from my layout to yours!

It's a quick an easy way to add a colorful border to your digital scrapbook pages!

Article by David Sutphin
David is an avid computer scrapbooker and the owner of Dream Maker Software, publisher of Cliptures clip art.

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