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Computer Scrapbooking?
Computers bring all kinds of new possibilities to scrapbooking letting you create everything from simple journaling to entire scrapbook pages! And, it's all fun and easy to do!

Free Graphics!
Visit the Fun Stuff department for FREE Print&Clip™ graphics and some really great background patterns!

Share Your Layouts!
You can share your scrapbook pages online, right now at our sister web site ScrapbookJunction.com! It's free, fast, and easy to do!
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Join the Gang!
Let's talk scrapbooking! Join the scrapbooking community at ScrapbookJunction.com! Talk scrapbooking, view scrapbook pages online, and more!

Join the Computer Scrapbooking list at Yahoo Groups! You can share ideas, learn great tips and tricks for computer scrapbooking and more!
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#1: The inks from all of the major inkjet printer manufacturers are acid free!

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